Our strong points

  • vertical knowledge of the sector
    15 years of experience exclusively in events sector, 15 years of consulting and services, a software solution that solves highly complex problems
  • a young and dynamic company
    we develop IT solutions with precision and creativity
  • solutions for all events management processes
    integrated software and systems to improve performance and achieve goals
  • integration and dialog
    integration with email systems, accounting programs, travel agency programs, CRS, and Office tools
  • flexibility and simplicity
    simple, flexible solutions that match the characteristics of each event
  • constantly updated
    always in step with technology, the SEM2000 solution supports cloud, tablet and remote connection services
  • data security
    data consistency is guaranteed thanks to precise checks of managed information, data maintenance with automatic update, recalculation and alignment functions, quality assurance and safeguarding of data
  • immediate service
    rapid, precise, effective consulting and assistance: we take charge of your needs and work with you to find the best solution
  • effective training
    we apply a work-oriented approach, simulating your real-life situations to achieve the best results from SEM2000 tools
  • competitive prices
    low-cost offers for high-quality, effective solutions: we distribute the same software release to a large client network, updating and constantly improving our products without additional customization or service costs.
SEM2000 - Event Software Management - Software event management, congress management, CME events