Reception desks and access control services


Workstations network for welcoming activities:
new registrations and pre-registered, badge printing
self service stations with QRcode or barcode reading


Customized solutions with dedicated technologies and devices
in and out and presence check, access/ticket control for booked services
contacts collection of exhibitors’ stands visitors


Badges and wristbands with custom layout and graphics
participant data and identifying QRcode or barcode,
badge printing with participant’s photo

Customized services for events management:
technical support, before, during and after your event.

  • Before eventparticipants list management, additional information management (registration category, role, booked courses, etc.), preparation and printing of necessary documents (lists, tickets, attendance certificates with customizable graphics, economic summaries, etc.)

    badges and wristbands, custom graphics, participant’s data and unique identification code.

    mailing service for badges and confirmations.

    questionnaires production, custom graphics

  • During eventComplete reception desk set-up, maximum speed for participants check-in, thanks to simple and automated procedures for a significant reduction of the dedicated staff.

    Set up of computer stations, printers and barcode or RFID readers (QR Code or barcode) for registration management and badges/tickets printing.

    “self service” stations with direct printing using code received by email, printed or on smartphone display, fast access to your event without queues.

    Sharing a single database even on line, allows real-time updating of all managed information and the possibility of verifying the situation of each participant and monitoring attendance, as well as allowing processing and printing of every type of list and documentation (certificates, coupons, receipts, etc.)

    Access control, real time presence, both for plenary sessions and parallel rooms, in and out check for single services (courses, lunches and dinners, etc.), access right for registered people only etc..
    High flexibility for technology and devices: portable data terminals for QRcode and/or barcode, wired, wireless or batch, RFID technologies etc.
    All solutions are projected for personnel reduction and streamlining of procedures, elimination of queues at access points and automated processing of data collected with reports and statistics in real time, minimizing error possibility.

    Exhibitors stands Stand visitor’s badge reading, for contacts collection and marketing flow actions, (es. recall, information request processing, etc.).

  • After eventdata processing, data collected are processed according to the client’s specific requirements (list of registered participants and actual attendance, all types of statistics about participants, etc.).

    content management abstracts and programme mini web site, for fast and effective information. “Digital abstract book” can be distributed on line or on gadget usb dongle

    processing of questionnaires correction or elaboration of learning and satisfaction questionnaires, with results report.

SEMSolution - technical support, before, during and after your event.