Online services for scientific companies

An online management solution for scientific societies and associations, with different functions for secretariat, society board and members, providing real-time, simple and effective participation to social activities.  

This is a company management website, with customizable graphics, contents, and available services.
The target of this tool are all organizations (associations, companies, etc.), of any size, that require an innovative tool to manage all services they provide to their members. SEMsociety gives a flexible and effective web tool for member management processes, helping the organization to evolve and grow in line with real needs of its members.

Three main roles are involved:

  • Secretariat manages society’s day-to-day operations, checks and organizes all of the members using filters and selection criteria, updates and changes information, inserts new members and keeps under control association performance by consulting a variety of summary reports;
  • Society Board consults and checks association performance using statistical processing and advanced reporting functions;
  • Member accesses his/her data form, updates his/her personal information, consults published news and information on available services, registers on line for congresses, makes online bookings and payments for services, courses, seminars, and subscriptions to magazines, selects and pays membership fees, votes on line for board elections, keeps memory of events in which he/she participated, checks the statement of his/her payments, and makes payments with credit card.

SEMsociety is fully integrated with APP society, a dedicated app for the society members community for collaborating, interacting, discussing in a friendly and secure environment.
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SEMSociety - Solution for scientific societies and associations